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Mette-Marit considered leaving Haakon

Mette-Marit was reportedly not sure that she would be able to handle the pressure of being a crown princess and she considered to break it off with Haakon several times.

When the Norwegian paper Fædrelandsvennen printed an article five years ago stating that Mette-Marit was Crown Prince Haakon’s new girlfriend, her life was turned upside down.

She became a media personality beyond her wildest imagination and reportedly considered leaving Haakon several times because of it, reported the Norwegian magazine Her og Nå.

«Mette-Marit was aware that her close relationship with the Crown Prince would be noticed, but she was not by any means prepared for the massive interest of her as a person,» said close friends of Mette-Marit to the magazine.

Followed her heart
However, she was not unsure of her feelings towards Crown Prince Haakon.

«Mette-Marit did not doubt her feelings for Haakon, but she was unsure if she would be able to handle the massive change of being an unknown single mother to becoming a member of the royal family and a public figure. She was also very worried how a life in the lime light would affect her son Marius,» stated her friends.

The Crown Princess decided to follow her heart and she is very thankful she made that decision.

«I’m glad I chose love,» said Mette-Marit to Her og Nå.

«Haakon was amazing»
During the difficult time when the press wrote about Mette-Marit’s excessive partying and connection to the house scene in Kristiansand, she had lots of support.

«Haakon was a constant support for Mette-Marit during this period. He was just amazing,» said friends of the couple to Her og Nå.

Mette-Marit also said that her friends have been a great support. They asked her to follow her heart and ignore what people said.

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