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US reports artists for death threats

The American embassy in Norway has filed an official complaint against the Norwegian rap group Gatas Parlament for death threats against President George W. Bush.

The group has established the website killhim.nu where the goal is to collect money for a bounty on the American president. The American embassy has reacted by reporting the artists to the police.

«There has been filed a formal complaint against Gatas Palament for threatening to shoot George W. Bush,» said Pål Kraby, police prosecutor at Oslo police district to NRK.no. «They have stated this at a website the group has.»

The police have launched an investigation, and the artists may face jail time.

«The sentencing framework of such an action, if it is punishable, will be incarceration for as much as 12 years. The law has to be interpreted in this way when there is a threat against a head of state,» Kraby said.

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