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Norwegians want to travel on 9/11

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You can’t save a dime by flying Oslo – New York on September 11. Surprisingly, there are many who wish to travel on this particular day and the prices have increased.

On Saturday it is three years since four planes were high-jacked and two of them flew into the World Trade Center in New York. The following year, very few took the chance of travelling on this particular date, but now the fear is apparently gone.

See pictures from 9/11 here.

No major difference
TV 2 Nettavisen checked the ticket prices on the websites of eight different airlines with departure from Oslo, Norway, September 10, 11, and 12, with return Saturday 18. According to the searches conducted, there are no price differences between the departure September 10 and 11. However, if travelling on the 12, the prices increase dramatically because the booking rules of many companies are that the travellers have to be away the night between Saturday and Sunday.

According to Continental, the only company that fly non-stop between Norway and the US, there is a definite trend to travel September 11. People, who call to check the prices to New York, ask for special offers this particular date.

«We have gotten many calls from people who think it is a better chance to travel cheap September 11, but that is wrong,» said Hanne Berg, booking agent at Continental, to TV 2 Nettavisen. «It is rather the opposite because the demand is so large.»

However, Oddhild Eikrem, head of information at Prisma, said that September 11 has not been a big issue among the customers that have contacted her company.

«We have surveys that indicate that we forget things very fast,» Eikrem said. «The terror attack at Bali, for one thing, most people have forgotten. We are now seeing that the traffic to Bali is back at its former level.»

Eikrem said that Norwegians have gotten a more balanced picture of the terror treat since the attack in New York and Washington three years ago.

«I think we Norwegians have gotten used to a terror reality that is different than before,» Eikrem said. «People see that there are terror actions all over the world, but think that «this is not something I can walk around and be afraid of.»»

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