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Dildo triggered terror alert

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The airport security staff at Flesland Airport took no unnecessary chances when a suitcase started to vibrate.

The security personnel had of course no way of knowing that the suitcase contained nothing more than a dildo that had accidentally turned itself on.

As the owner of the sex toy shop «Voksne Leker» (Adult toys) at Straume, Katrine Solberg, 29, has been traveling across the entire country with her rather delicate products in her suitcase. However, when she was traveling to the Oslo area for a home party a week and a half ago, one of the dildos turned itself on and created somewhat of a mess, reported the local paper Bergensavisen.

Securitas personnel, who are responsible for checking the luggage at Flesland Airport, became suspicious of the out of the ordinary behavior of the suitcase.

«I can confirm that the suitcase was removed for control, and that one passenger was called,» said Karl Magne Bakke, operations consultant at Securitas, to the paper. «When the passenger did not report, the suitcase was confiscated. This is routine.»

At Gardermoen Oslo Airport, Solberg was informed that because of an odd vibration her suitcase was not sent on the plane. After the 29-year-old had explained the content of the suitcase, Securitas inspected it. The suitcase was sent on the next plane.

«I’ll take out the batteries next time before I travel,» Solberg said.

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