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Foto: Jørgen Berge/TV 2 Nettavisen

Porn star filmed robbery

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Porn actor Thomas «Rocco» Hansen was in the middle of recording of a porn movie when he witnessed a robbery in Oslo, Sunday night. Watch video here.

Hansen said to TV 2 Nyhetene he was busy recording his new porn film in his apartment at Aker Brygge when he heard a lot of noise and several shots. He said he ran on to the balcony, but was immediately ordered to get down.

But the porn actor decided to collect his video camera and filmed part of the robbery. The police later confiscated the film as evidence.

«I saw one Securitas’ guard on the ground,» Hansen said. «When we started filming, we saw that he managed to crawl behind a car to safety. We saw three boys who had to crawl away from the bank.»

To the Norwegian News Bureau (NTB) Hansen said that the robbers fired a number of shots while they ran away from the bank on Aker Brygge Sunday night. He said that he later heard shots fired on pier 15 where one of the robbers was arrested.

«We heard four shots, but we do not know if it was the robbers or the police who fired,» Hansen said to NTB. «It looked rather dramatic. I’m shocked that something like this can happen at Aker Brygge.»

The police have arrested several persons after a robbery against an armoured truck Sunday night at 1:31 a.m. The robbery was witnessed by private individuals who called the police. Several of the people arrested are connected to a known criminal environment in Oslo.

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