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Mini dog saves woman from rape

Sist oppdatert:
An aggressive Dachshund saved his owner from being raped. The dog attacked and bit the man in both legs until he ran off.

The Dachshund saved his 64-year-old owner from being raped, when he attacked the man who threatened to rape his owner, reported the Danish paper BT. The furious dog bit the man in both legs, growled and barked.

«The woman said that she was out walking the dog around 10 p.m. when a man suddenly jumped from the bench at the bus shed and yelled: you will be raped,» reported the police in Skanderborg.

The bus shed is located in desolated area outside the town of Låsby, so no one else was close by to aid the woman. But her short-legged dog, did his very best, even though, the man yelled and tried to kick the dog.

When the man grabbed the woman’s arm, the dog went haywire and finally managed to get the man to give up and run away. The police are now looking for the man, but have not managed to locate him as of yet.

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