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Porn star receives death threats

Sist oppdatert:
The disqualified Miss Norway contestant, Iranian born Aylar, has received death threats because of her past as a porn star and left the country as she fear for her own safety.

«I really fear for my life now,» said 20-year-old Aylar Lie, to the Norwegian magazine Se og Hør Friday. «I have received a crystal clear message that there are people who want to kill me.»

Aylar was disqualified from Miss Norway when her past as a porn star was revealed. Now the Iranian born woman claims she is hunted by extremist Muslims who claim she has disgraced their people and their religion.

«The porn films I played in, has created more problems than I could ever imagined,» she said to the magazine. «Losing the finale spot in Miss Norway is one thing, now I’m also being violently threatened. The movies are the worst thing that could have happened to me.»

Violence alarm
Her lawyer, Hanne Gredal, confirms that threats have been made against Aylar Lie. She sent the violent threats to the police, who gave the young woman a violence alarm.

Due to the threats and the media pressure connected to the case, Aylar left the country Wednesday.

«I had to get away from all the commotion,» Aylar explained. «Oh my God, I’m only an ordinary girl who did something stupid earlier in life. Why must there be so much fuss? Why does some claim I have to die because of some small mistakes? I just don’t know what to do.»

Afraid of honor killing
The fact that several honor killings have been carried out in Scandinavia, frightens Aylar. An 18-year-old Iranian girl was strangled to death by her own father about a month ago at Furuset in Oslo. The reason for the murder was a culture clash between father and daughter. The Fadime case in Sweden 6 months ago, where Fadime’s father killed her because he did not agree with her lifestyle, also directed focus on honor killings among Muslims.

According to the magazine, Aylar was in Barcelona Wednesday afternoon. She will travel to a new destination Friday in order to escape the threats and the slimy phone calls.

«I have actually gotten nerve problems due to all this commotion and trouble,» Aylar explained. «And as long as I know someone is after me, I keep looking over my shoulder. I’m leaving all the commotion behind to get some time to relax.»

Wants to settle the score
The Iranian born girl wants to settle the score with the Muslim environment in Norway.

«Very many Muslim women want their freedom – and extremist Muslims have to respect that! That is the price they have to pay in order to live in a free country like Norway,» Aylar said.

She came to Norway when she was two years old and was raised by Norwegian foster parents.

«I consider myself as a Norwegian girl, and I expect to be treated as one!» Aylar stated.

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