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Bikinis deemed sex-fixated and discriminating

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Women’s sand volleyball is sex-fixated and discriminating, stated former Swedish equality minister Margareta Winberg. She gets support from her Norwegian colleague.

Men are allowed to play sand volleyball in shorts and singlets, while women are not allowed to wear bikini bottoms that have side seams that are broader than seven centimetres.

«This is not sport. This is sex-fixated entertainment,» fumed Margareta Winberg, the former Swedish minister for equality, according to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

She gets support from her Norwegian colleague Long Litt Woon.

«This sexualizing of the public sphere is a problem, and this have to be seen in light of that,» said Long Litt Woon, to «It would be interesting to hear the argumentation for this from the International Volleyball Association.»

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