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Ghosts haunt theatre

Sist oppdatert:
Several of the employees at Centralteatret are afraid of being along in the old theatre in the capital. Actress Siw Anita Andersen said she is absolutely sure the building is haunted.

According to the paper VG, being alone in the historical building has for years made it go cold down the spine of many of the employees at the theatre.

“I don’t like to be that last one who locks up,” said Paul Valderhaug, scene master, who has been working at the theatre for 25 years.

Several of the employees have had unpleasant experiences in the ancient actors lounge. Andersen said she is scared by the unpleasant theatre ghost.

“There rests something scary over this room,” she explained.

Andersen’s dressing room is in a tiny room up on the gallery. A worn and squeaky wooden staircase and a crooked hallway is the only way of getting there.

“Here I can sometimes smell a strong smell of perfume,” Andersen explained. “It suddenly appears and disappears, and it is not my perfume.”

In connection with a performance, she several times got the impression that someone was looking at her from this dressing room up in the gallery. At that time she had her dressing room on the ground level.

“It was very uncomfortable because I knew I was alone here,” Andersen stated. “I looked up, but didn’t see a soul.”

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