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Man stabs old women with samurai sword

A 33-year-old Swede attacked two elderly women with a samurai sword in a staircase in Stockholm on Tuesday. One of the women had her ear cut off.

One of the ladies, a 75-year-old, met the 33-year-old banker as she stepped out of the elevator in the block of houses where she lives.

"She has explained that she could tell he was not feeling well, and that she asked if he was OK. He did not reply", the 75-year-old's son told Expressen.

Then the man pulled put a sword.

As the woman fled down the stairs, the man stabbed her with the sword and hit her ear, which was cut off.

On the floor below, the 75-year-old met an 84-year-old neighbour who came out of the lift. The two women managed to get into the elevator and shut the bars. The man then stabbed the sword through the bars and injured both women's arms.

The women made it into the 84-year-old's flat where they called an ambulance. Both women were in shock and were taken to hospital. The 75-year-old had an operation on Tuesday night and will survive. The 84-year-old's injuries were less serious.

The 33-year-old was arrested on the street on Tuesday as he calmly walked around carrying the blood-dripping sword.

"The arrest was not dramatic. We do not have a motive and the man denies having done anything wrong", said the Swedish police.

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