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Danish soldier killed by his own troops

Sist oppdatert:
A Danish soldier who died last week after a shooting in Iraq was reportedly shot by his own in an attack on unarmed fishermen. Danish defence authorities are investigating the incident at the moment.

Danish TV 2 reported this new information about soldier Preben Pedersen's death. Pedersen's colleagues reportedly thought he was an enemy, according to NTB/Ritzau.

So far reports state that Pedersen was shot during a shooting with Iraqi thieves. Danish TV channel TV 2 reports that Pedersen's fellow soldiers mistook him for one of the Iraqis, and that the Iraqis were not thieves but unarmed fishermen. Two of them were killed by the Danes.

Representatives for the Danish forces in Iraq have reportedly visited the fishermen's village.

The Danish defence is investigating the circumstances around Pedersen's death at the moment.

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